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New Japan Radio Corporation Introduce the Analogue Front End (AFE) for Sensing Devices

NJRC have developed a new device for sensor applications, the NJU9101.

The AFE is capable of processing the small analogue signal from a sensor, extracting the useful data and presenting it in a convenient digital format. A high precision Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) amplifies the signal; the signal to noise is then optimised by passing through very high-quality filtering and then converted to digital with a 14/16 bit analogue-to-digital converter, to a standard format used by most microcontrollers.

This device is a single chip, which has the added advantage of saving cost, space and power requirements as opposed to three single devices. Other key features include an onboard temperature sensor to maintain stability, programmable current source for sensor excitation, and a MUX input for additional sensor inputs.

Analog Front End Processing IC

The system could be configured as per the diagram above, with the AFE suitable for a wide range of sensing applications that we believe makes this a truly versatile device.

Want to find out more?

Download the Analogue Front End data sheet (PDF).

NJRC AFE data sheet

About NJR

Established in 1959, NJRC is a technology leader in semiconductor design and manufacture.

In addition to the AFE, NJRC produces a range of components suitable for this type of application, including precision operational amplifiers, voltage regulators, photo sensors, display drivers and USB charging control regulators.


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